Holiday cottages in stunning locations across South East Cornwall

Letting Your Property

As well as bringing extra income, letting your property as a holiday cottage can also be highly rewarding. Owners who act as ‘hosts’ to visitors and get actively involved in letting their properties find that they really enjoy helping holidaymakers to enjoy the best of our beautiful area. In turn they find that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed: properties that are well loved and cared for will often see the same visitors return year after year.

It’s something that we encourage too. After all, developing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our owners is something that has enabled us to flourish as a business and keeps our customers coming back.

If you would like to arrange a no-oligation visit please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Is letting viable as a business opportunity?

The South West is, and will continue to be, one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations. Visitors from abroad love to come here too. Many of them see Cornwall as offering a quintessential English holiday with sea, sand, sun, clotted cream teas and spectacular landscapes. So there will always be a demand for high quality holiday accommodation.

Working out whether or not your property will be truly viable as a business depends on your circumstances, the size and location of your property and how in demand your type of property will be. There are also tax benefits to be gained from letting accommodation, although we always advise our owners to seek professional advice.

It’s easy to get a very rough feel for the kind of income you could expect by looking at similar properties on our website or in our brochure. You’ll notice that prices differ during the year, with school holidays and high season offering the most earning potential. Each property is graded according to its size, location, equipment, furnishings and market demand. So if you decide to go ahead and make us your agent, we’ll let you know exactly how much potential your property has once we have had a chance to make a visit. Bear in mind also that if you allow pets the potential will be greater.

Taking bookings and making payments

We use an ‘industry-leading’ booking system called TABS, which works in conjunction with our online booking system. It is integrated with our bank to initiate payments to homeowners, which it does by BACS during the first week of each month for bookings commencing in the previous month. Every month you will receive a statement which details your income for the current year and shows future bookings. We also produce an annual statement to help in the completion of your Tax Return.

Protecting you from cancellations

We run a Cancellation Protection Scheme for all our homeowners. The cost of this is included in the advertised cost of all our cottage holidays and means that you are guaranteed 100% of the owner rate for any cancelled booking, regardless of whether we are able to re-book the holiday.