Holiday cottages in stunning locations across South East Cornwall

Food and Drink


Trawlers is an intimate and inexpensive seafood restaurant which is on the riverside a little way down from the fish market.

The Sail Loft Restaurant

The Sail Loft restaurant, one of the oldest buildings in Looe which is still preserved in more or less its original form – the cellar and loft date back more than 450 years so this is a really historic place to have a meal! The cellar here used to be a storage warehouse and the loft was mainly used for making and mending fishing nets, so you can get a real taste of Looe’s history here as well as the excellent cuisine.

Dave's Diner

For something less formal try a traditional British fish and chips from Dave’s Diner opposite the fish market. Moonlight Tandoori - If your tastes are a bit more exotic stroll down to the High Street and look for Moonlight Tandoori, which serves the best Indian food in the area thanks to the proprietor, a highly experienced chef of many years from Bangladesh.

Tom Sawyers at Hannafore

For bar food – including a fantastic deal on steaks during the summer – and a great view over Looe Island, try Tom Sawyers at Hannafore and see if you can get a glimpse of the local dolphins alongside the amazing sunsets.

The Golden Guinea

The Golden Guinea on Fore Street has a very varied menu and is great for families as it has a lot of smaller dining rooms rather than one single large eating area. Papa Nino's - Papa Nino’s offers a selection of modern Italian food alongside fresh local fish and lobster.

Barclay House Hotel and Restaurant

Feel like a touch of luxury? Head for Barclay House Hotel and Restaurant, which is in an elevated location just over Looe River. The previous owner, Nick Barclay, used to be a US celebrity chef before he moved to Looe. Nick won the South West Tourism Taste of the West Gold Award in 2005 for best restaurant in Cornwall. Although he has since moved on his head chef remains at the hotel so don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample some of the signature dishes!