Holiday cottages in stunning locations across South East Cornwall

Self Catering in Cornwall

Self catering of course brings with it so many advantages. The ability to eat when you want and importantly, what you want. In so many self catering cottages these days your dog is also just as welcome as you are. A big relief for many owners who put off going away because of the fear of what a two week stay in kennels will do to their beloved family pet. Self catering in Cornwall of course also offers the chance of sandy beaches and sea water, something that most dogs absolutely relish. Looe and Polperro holidays offer a wealth of self catering accommodation. A browse through their website is bound to help you locate accommodation that is right up your street.

What do holidaymakers have to bring with them?

Of course the whole purpose of a self catering holiday cottage is that you are able to cater for oneself, at times of your own choosing, just as you would at your own house. You don't need to be restricted by meal times when perhaps baby is still asleep or be restricted by what's on offer on the menu. Perhaps your eldest one will eat fish but not fish fingers - and woe betide the person who puts a sauce on it!

Following on from this, all cottages on most internet sites and holiday brochures will usually meet the minimum requirements, dependent on the number of people the cottage sleeps, to cater for this purpose. All mod cons will be provided including linens and, if it is a child orientated house, high chairs as well. Originally holidaymakers booking a self catering holiday cottage in Cornwall will have expected to take a selection of pans/cutlery etc with them in case there was a shortfall when they turned up! This is of course no longer the case.

About parking at holiday cottages

It is useful to say something about car parking as car parking is of increasing concern to many holidaymakers. If you come from an area where there are genuine concerns as to the safety of your vehicle, perhaps you have an expensive car, or are used to poor parking availability then most self-catering holiday cottages descriptions should give you adequate information. If, after reading the cottage description, you still have concerns, you can usually phone the company office and speak to a member of staff who has visited the particular cottage and can therefore give you more detailed information. This may include how busy the road to the cottage is and any other information.